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Open Training & Program | No Coaching Instruction or Personal Training

  • 1 h
  • Spencer Street

Service Description

All Tier Level Open Training Memberships and Programs Run 5 days a week and provide a Comprehensive Training Program for anyone who is looking to enhance their life with an exciting new training lifestyle. All Tier level Training programs offer a professional programing on your phone, providing you direction, equipment, in a state of the art Facility where some of the most Elite Athletes train, perform, and recover. Open Training gives you unlimited access to Strides Training Facility during Booking Hours. They do not Include Coaching or Direction from Strides Coaches, but you are strongly encouraged to purchase a couple Training Sessions and get your own program written for you and your needs, with evaluations, coaching and consultation from one of our Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches. All Programs should be followed accordingly. Clients who have access to these Tier level programs should follow the plans accordingly for safety and efficacy of Strides Policies and to the respect of the entire room. Clients using equipment should also maintain proper cleanliness and the up most respect for all equipment putting their weights and equipment back where they got it from for the next person to use. (Memberships are subject to termination at any point for any reason if these policies and procedures are not abided by and without any warning) Book a Consultation to see which training program is best for you! Tier 1 Open Training Perfect and Safe for people who need Time Efficiency, who are new to training, Older Adults or Young Children looking for a challenge and comprehensive training program thats changing everyday and every week. Results from this program include an increase in Aerobic strength, mobility, stability, and core which consistently turn over into less joint pain, stiffness, and increase in overall wellbeing. Tier 2 Open Training Perfect for anyone looking for a higher level of Strength Training that emphasizes more reps and sets than the Tier 1 Level of training. This membership includes percentage based prescriptions for compound lifts like squat deadlifts and pressing and one day of cardiovascular conditioning that challenges you with Tabattas, Circuits, Running, Sleds, and more each week. Tier 3 Open Training Perfect for anyone who wants more than the Tier 2 Level Training or Athletes who want to get more explosive, jump higher, and run faster taking strength mobility and explosiveness to the next level.

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  • 738 Spencer Street, Syracuse, NY 13204, USA


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