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What are the effects of ginger on oxidative stress, inflammation, muscle soreness in athletes?

One study suggests a lot!


The systematic review of randomized trials on ginger as an analgesic and ergogenic aid for exercise training and sport suggests that ginger may have potential benefits for athletes.

Specifically, the evidence indicates that roughly

  1. 2 g/day of ginger may modestly reduce muscle pain stemming from eccentric resistance exercise and prolonged running, particularly if taken for a minimum of 5 days.

  2. Additionally, limited data suggest that ginger may accelerate recovery of maximal strength after eccentric resistance exercise

  3. Reduce the inflammatory response to cardiorespiratory exercise.

  4. Moreover, ginger may act as a promoter of GI integrity and as a bronchodilator, potentially reducing some of the adverse effects associated with NSAID use.

However, major limitations to the research include the use of untrained individuals, insufficient reporting on adverse events, and no direct comparisons with NSAID ingestion. Therefore, more research is needed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ginger as an analgesic and ergogenic aid for a wide range of athletic endeavors.

How can you improve your intake Ginger ?

  1. Spice it up - ginger is widely available in a powdered form and relatively cheap, making it a great addition to smoothies, sauces, dressings, and great to slip into baking.

  2. Slice and shred - getting the whole is always greater than. Keep a ginger root I. Your refrigerator and slice or shred it onto salads, baked goods, smoothies or even try sucking on slices and soaking in hot tea!

  3. Capsules & pills - a quick convincing source make sure it is free of anything else and just ginger ingredients.

With any dietary addition consult your physician for complications it may have first.

The best way to eat giger will always be the way that you like to eat it best.


Mitchell Katz
Mitchell Katz
Feb 13, 2023

Good information. Thanks for sharing!



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